LTE Security R&D Lab

At the AT&T Security Research Center we are working in cutting edge R&D projects aimed to enhance the security of LTE technologies in order to achieve full availability of next generation mobility networks against security attacks. Our LTE Security R&D lab is fully equipped with state of the art RF and networking tools that we leverage to test and design new security technologies. Our full LTE lab network, with the nodes of a real production LTE network, provides us with a powerful platform that we use to design future mobility networks with enhanced security and resiliency against attacks.

The state of the art AT&T LTE Security R&D Lab includes:

We are currently leveraging our LTE Security R&D lab to design, implement and test sophisticated security techniques to protect LTE wireless networks from advanced radio jamming attacks and other RAN resource saturation attacks and protocol vulnerabilities.  The goal is to maintain the availability of LTE networks in the presence of RAN attacks at the PHY and MAC layers, thereby enhancing the security of LTE-based networks.

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