Wei Wang

Principal Member of Technical Staff

Research Interests

  • Network Security
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention
  • Data Mining
  • Sequential Data Analysis

Education and Work Experience

I have just finished my Ph.D. degree 2010 from Stevens Institute of Technology. My main research work is focused on anomaly detection for data networks. Besides intrusion detection and prevention, I am also interested in network protocol design, routing schemes, QoS, content distribution systems, multimedia communication and large scale data mining. Now, the emerging mobile network security problem is in the spotlight.


  • Mining Abnormal Concept Drifting By Sequential Analysis by Wei Wang, Hong Man, Guoqi Luo
    Submitted to Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, elsevier, 2010
  • A Framework for Intrusion Detection Systems by Social Network Analysis Methods in Ad Hoc Networks by Wei Wang, Hong Man, Yu Liu
    Security and Communication Networks, Wiley journals, April 6, 2009
  • DES: Diversity Enhanced Security by Fangming He, Hong Man, Wei Wang
    Submitted to Communication letter 2010

Conferences and Workshops

  • Traffic Anomaly Detection By Reasoning-Gaussian Process Dynamic Model by Wei Wang, Yafeng Yin, Hong Man, Fangming He
    Submitted to Infocom, 2010
  • A Network Coding Method for Channel Signature Based Key Distribution by Fangming He, Wei Wang, Hong Man, Xingzhong Xu
    Submitted to Infocom, 2010
  • Collaborative Anomaly Detection For Structured P2P Networks by Wei Wang, Hong Man, Fangming He
    Globecomm, 2009
  • An Intrusion Detection System in Ad Hoc Networks: A Social Network Analysis Approach by Wei Wang, Hong Man, Yu Liu
    Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), 2009
  • REAM: RAKE Receiver Enhanced Authentication Method by Fangming He, Wei Wang, Hong Man
    Cyber security and network management, Milcom, 2010
  • Distributed maximum likelihood estimation for bandwidth-constrained wireless sensor networks by Wei Wang, Hongbin Li
    the 12th IEEE Digital Signal Processing Workshop, 2006