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Paul Giura

Principal Member of Technical Staff

Research Interests

  • Network and device security
  • Digital forensics
  • Systems and databases

Education and Work Experience

Paul Giura is a researcher with the Chief Security Office at AT&T. He received his Ph.D. and Masters degrees from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Polytechnic Institute of NYU, and Bachelors from University of Bucharest, Romania. Before joining AT&T he worked as a Research Assistant at ISIS lab at the Fornet and NetStore projects to design and develop new payload attribution and storage methods to support network forensics, monitoring and fast querying of large amounts of network historical data. He was also a summer research intern at Ricoh Innovations in Menlo Park, CA in 2007 and at AT&T Security in Middletown, NJ in 2008 working on security related projects.

Recent Publications

  • Mitigating SMS Spam by Online Detection of Repetitive Near-Duplicate Messages. Baris Coskun and Paul Giura. In ICC'12: In Proceedings of International Conference on Communications, Ottawa, Canada, June 2012.
  • The Security Cost of Content Distribution Network Architectures by Paul Giura and Gustavo de los Reyes.
    In Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Workshop on Security, Trust, and Privacy for Software Applications , Munich, Germany, July 2011.
  • Efficient Methods to Store and Query Network Data by Paul Giura.
    PhD Dissertation in Computer Science, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, 2010 [PDF]
  • NetStore: An Efficient Storage Infrastructure For Network Forensics And Monitoring by Paul Giura and Nasir Memon
    In Proceedings of 13th International Symposium On Recent Advances In Intrusion Detection (RAID), Ottawa, Canada, September 2010 (RAID 2010) [PDF]
  • New Payload Attribution Methods for Network Forensic Investigations by Miroslav Ponec, Paul Giura, Joel Wein, and Hervé Brönnimann
    In the ACM Transactions on Information and System Security, 13(2):1-32, 2010 (TISSEC)[PDF]
  • Highly Efficient Techniques for Network Forensics by Miroslav Ponec, Paul Giura, Hervé Brönnimann and Joel Wein
    In Proceedings of ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Alexandria, VA, October 2007(CCS 2007)[PDF]