Gustavo de los Reyes

Executive Director of Technology Security

Gus is an Executive Director of Technology Security in AT&T. Gus leads the AT&T Security Research Center under the AT&T Chief Security Officer – Ed Amoroso. He has been working on security since 1998 starting with AT&T WorldNet security – AT&T's first consumer Internet service.

Gus has had responsibility for defining the security architecture and security requirements for key AT&T IP Services such as AT&T Business and Consumer VoIP Services.

Gus began working at AT&T Bell Labs (later AT&T Labs) in 1988 doing design and development of automatic photonic manufacturing systems. He has also contributed to AT&T in the areas of robust design of wireless devices and systems, and service delivery.

Before joining AT&T, Gus designed digital control systems for General Electric Aircraft Engines.

Gus has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University. He has a BSME and MSE from MIT.